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Official Grapefruit Club President
Official Grapefruit Club President


chyfo replied to your photo “Composition I, 2014 Dyl Moss (schlurb) V I R T U A L C E N T U R Y  …”

*printing this out and plastering it over every free space in my dorm and hall and life* this is nice. Printing it out and gluing it to my forehead.

take a picture of it glued to your forehead and i’ll print that out and glue it to my forehead and take a picture of that

And then send me that so I can make a whole bunch of 8x11s and put a wreath on it and send it to my relatives for the holidays.

illlllllllllllllllllli I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE OMG. Aw man. lol I’m so slow.

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Composition I, 2014
Dyl Moss (schlurb)
V I R T U A L C E N T U R Y 
(for chyfo <3)

Goodnight everyone love you ❤️

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Shot for Seb Brown 
West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys
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Femme II (Nadia au menton) Henri Matisse

Makeup styling at the @happyashleyland #LFW #SS15 is anything but subtle.